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Dental Implant Treatments for Multiple Missing Teeth

Dental implants are a natural choice if you are missing multiple teeth.

A superior result is achieved by replacing each individual tooth with a single implant and prosthetic tooth.

Alternatively, an implant retained bridge can be used. Implant retained bridges have an advantage over conventional bridges in that they do not require the adjustment of otherwise healthy neighbouring teeth. Implant retained bridges offer a cost saving when compared to individual implants and prosthetic teeth in exchange for a less desirable cosmetic result.

If you are missing a significant number of teeth then an implant retained dentureĀ or fixed arch may be a preferred option for treatment.

Why Dental Implants?

Fully Restore Function
Fully Restore Function
Dental Implants allow you to fully restore the function of a missing tooth. Your replacement tooth will work and feel almost identical to a natural tooth.
Helps to Preserve Bone
Helps to Preserve Bone
Dental implants can help to preserve the health of neighbouring teeth and underlying bone when compared to alternative treatments.
Easier to Clean & Maintain
Easier to Clean & Maintain
Dental implant treatments used to replace missing teeth are easier to keep clean and maintain compared to alternatives.
Excellent Cosmetic Results
Excellent Cosmetic Results
Treatments using dental implants provide excellent cosmetic results, with a wide range of options available depending on your budget and desired outcome.

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