The 5 Benefits of Invisalign Clear Braces


Deciding whether to undertake orthodontic treatment – that is treatment to correct the alignment of your teeth – is a big step.

Even when you have made this decision, you need to consider which type of orthodontic treatment suits you. Sometimes this decision is limited by your clinical circumstances and the desired outcomes, but more often than not you can select between traditional bracket-and-wire braces, or consider clear aligners.

We use the Invisalign system to deliver clear aligner treatment to our patients. Over four million patients worldwide have used this treatment to successfully achieve a straighter smiler, without the inconvenience of ‘train track’ braces.

Here are five reasons why you may consider Invisalign treatment:

1) Invisalign helps maintain a uniform appearance whilst straightening your teeth.

By using clear aligners, Invisalign avoids the need for distracting and unsightly metal braces. As your treatment progresses, your custom-fitted clear aligners will feel comfortable, natural and almost invisible.

That means you can start treatment without people even realising it! Over the course of treatment, your teeth will gradually move into their best position without any significant changes to your appearance.

2) Invisalign helps you avoid embarrassing moments.

Choosing orthodontic treatment used to be a daunting decision, especially as an adult. Many people would avoid treatment simply because of the look.

Invisalign helps you avoid this. Not only are the aligners are invisible, but because they are bespoke to you they can be easily removed for a dinner with your partner, lunches at work or a night out with your friends. The rest of the time they are discreet and comfortable enough to wear without being self-conscious.

3) Enjoy any diet you like with Invisalign.

Invisalign aligners are removed while you eat. With Invisalign, you’ll need to avoid the following food and drink during treatment: none!

Popcorn, chewing gum and nuts – all a no-go for traditional braces treatments, but not a problem for removable Invisalign clear braces.

4) Maintain your oral health with Invisalign.

Maintaining a healthy smile is essential to a beautiful smile. As you progress through treatment, you’ll want to avoid poor oral hygiene practices and the dental problems that follow, such as cavities.

Metal braces can make it difficult to clean your teeth and gums properly. Food can get trapped amongst the wiring, brushing becomes a detailed task and flossing can be almost impossible.

Maintaining your oral health with Invisalign is easy. Simply remove your aligner, and enjoy cleaning your teeth as you would without treatment, without the worry of metal brackets or wiring.

5) Help avoid other dental problems by using Invisalign.

By allowing you to maintain a simple and effective oral health regime, Invisalign helps you to avoid severe dental problems including cavities, gingivitis, tooth sensitivity and bad breath that are harder to tackle whilst undergoing traditional orthodontic treatment.

Many patients even find that Invisalign improves their oral health by reinforcing good habits in the morning and the evening when fitting or removing aligners.

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