A Guide to our Dental Sedation Services


It is natural for most people to feel some form of anxiety when visiting the dentist. With that in mind we go to great lengths to provide a pleasant, comfortable and relaxed experience for our patients. All of our clinical team and dental nurses provide reassurance to patients through carefully explaining and demonstrating procedures, working to a patient’s pace and communicating in a clear manner. We are always pleased to see patients overcome their fears as a result of this approach.

However, a minority of nervous patients experience more than anxiety with a significant fear of dental treatment. The fear may reflect visits in general, or a specific procedure. For patients in this category, we can offer sedation services to help them relax and remove any anxiety.

All of our sedation services are ‘conscious sedation’ techniques. This means patients remain awake throughout delivery, although their level of alertness will vary depending on the technique used, compared to Local Anaesthetic which only affects a certain part of your body and General Anaesthetic, which makes you unconscious. There are two main types of conscious sedation that we offer.

Our sedation services are available in our Colwyn Bay clinic.

Inhalation Sedation

Inhalation sedation, otherwise known as gas and air or relative analgesia, makes use of Nitrous Oxide to help patients relax throughout their treatment. Nitrous Oxide is colloquially known as ‘laughing gas’, perhaps because it helps patients feel calm and relaxed. It is delivered through a small mask worn over the nose, providing full access to your mouth for your clinical team.

Nitrous Oxide is perfectly safe, and is delivered by a dedicated and specially trained team of clinicians and nurses.  The effects will normally wear off in minutes, and most patients will be able to return to work or drive only a short while after treatment. This makes it a technique of choice for smaller or more routine procedures, when compared to other options available.

Our Colwyn Bay clinic has full facilities for the safe and effective delivery of inhalation sedation.

Intravenous Sedation

Intravenous sedation involves the injection of a drug or combination of drugs directly into your bloodstream. The precise drugs used will vary based on your individual health and circumstances; normally one drug is used to induce sedation and another is used to reverse it. During the procedure you remain awake, but unlike inhalation sedation you are unlikely to remember details of the procedure. You’ll be in a highly relaxed, almost sleep-like state and you’ll feel almost no pain or discomfort during treatment.

Our intravenous sedation services are delivered either by Consultant Anaesthetists – who also work in hospital wards – or senior Dental Surgeons trained specifically in the technique. This high level of expertise ensures that it is perfectly safe. The role of our dedicated sedationist is to monitor you throughout treatment, allowing your Dental Surgeon to concentrate exclusively on your treatment. This differs from some providers of intravenous sedation, where a Dental Surgeon with additional training in sedation delivers sedation services at the same time as delivering treatment.

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