The Dental Implant Process


At West End Dental, we employ a carefully structured sequence to both plan and deliver Dental Implant treatment. Using this process, which has been built from decades of experience in the field, our patients can be sure of a clear understanding of the treatment they are receiving and the costs involved.

Initial Consultation

Patients begin the process by booking an Initial Consultation with us. This is an extended appointment of 45 minutes with a senior Dental Implantologist. During this time your clinician will carefully listen to your concerns and wishes, before carrying out a comprehensive review of your oral health. Think of this as a fact finding session for our clinical team to get to know you and what you want to achieve.

Treatment Options

Next, your clinician will outline the options that may be available to you, including both Dental Implant treatments and alternatives.

Sometimes, if your needs are simple, this can happen during the Initial Consultation.

Otherwise your clinician may ask you to return for further treatment planning appointments. These will be used to continue your discussions, carry out further tests and diagnosis and ensure that the treatment plan created meets your clinical circumstances and desired outcome.

Our treatment planning services come in fixed fee packages dependent on your needs, so you can always be sure of the costs involved. Taking a meticulous approach to planning helps to ensure a smooth treatment delivery, and a positive outcome.

Our Dental Implant treatment planning services are carried out in our state-of-the-art Colwyn Bay practice, located in the heart of the North Wales coast.

Finalise Treatment Plan

After treatment planning you will receive a full report which sets out the discussions you had, what our clinical team found, the proposed Dental Implant treatment options, the alternatives available, details of the procedures involved and any risks involved.

You will also receive a full quotation for each treatment option clearly setting out the costs involved and when payments will fall due if you proceed. We’ll also set out details of each payment method that you may be interested in, including our 0% APR Finance options.

Dental Implant treatment will only begin when you are completely comfortable with and fully understand the treatment process and intended outcome.

Preparatory Treatment

In some cases, you may need some preparatory treatment before we can deliver your Dental Implant treatment. This might involve the removal (extraction) of teeth with a poor prognosis, and periodontal treatment to improve the oral health of your mouth and gums.

This will have been discussed with you as part of your treatment planning, and the costs involved will be included in your full quotation.

Implant Placement and Restoration

The first step is to place your dental implants. Your clinical team will ensure you are comfortable throughout and ensure that you fully understand the procedure before it begins. Whilst any pain and discomfort will be minimal, nervous patients may be able to take advantage of our various sedation options.

After a few weeks you will be ready for ‘Restoration’, where the Dental Implants are restored with the relevant prosthetic teeth. These can range from single Crowns where a single tooth is being replaced, through to full arches (jaws) of fixed teeth. During this process your clinical team will take the time to ensure the prosthetics match your desired cosmetic results, within the options available under the treatment you have selected.

At all times during treatment you can expect an attentive customer care team and full explanations of what is proposed, and next steps, from your clinical team.

After Care

Cared for correctly, Dental Implants can be expected to last for a long time. Your clinician will provide full instructions on caring for your Dental Implants, and will introduce you to our Dental Hygiene team if you have not seen them yet. Included in your instructions will be a proposed schedule of ongoing review and hygiene appointments to maximise the longevity and health of your new Dental Implant supported treatments.

Want to know more?

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Important Update regarding COVID-19

From Monday 6 July, we are able to offer appointments and treatments for dental problems and concerns.
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