What is Membership?


At West End Dental we want to ensure that high quality, compassionate dental care is as accessible as possible. We also understand that attending the dental team – both Dental Surgeon and Dental Hygienist – on a regular basis are vital to supporting long-term oral health. A proactive approach to oral-health reduces the likelihood that treatment will be required in the future. That is why we created Membership.

How does Membership work?

Members at West End Dental can spread the cost of their routine dental care with a single monthly fee, covering consultations with both their Dental Surgeon and Dental Hygienist, as well as providing superb discounts on a wide range of treatments.

In addition to these great benefits, Members can enjoy our Air Polishing treatments during their routine hygiene treatments. This offers a superb alternative to a traditional ‘scale and polish’, providing enhanced comfort and performance.

Monthly fees can be paid by direct debit or credit/debit card, keeping things simple.

Are there different levels of Membership?

A variety of Membership levels are available to suit your clinical requirements and budget, with plans starting from just 46p per day. Not only do Members benefit from peace-of-mind with a single monthly payment, but they also benefit from cheaper costs when compared to paying for routine consultations individually.

Can children join?

Our West End Dental Kids Membership is especially designed for the needs of our younger patients. At just £9.95 per month, children can benefit from routine Dental Therapist led consultations together with routine and preventative care included in the cost of their Membership.

Is it easy to join?

Yes – simply ask our team and they can complete the application in just a minute or two. They will need your bank account details for a direct debit payment, or debit/credit card details if you prefer.

Can I upgrade or downgrade?

Of course. Our different levels are designed to match your oral health requirements. As your oral health changes, so will the level of Membership that suits you, and we allow you to change accordingly.

What about existing patients?

Existing patients are welcome to join or switch to West End Dental Membership whenever they wish. Simply contact us to find out more.

Find out more with an appointment today.