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Ancillary Care

Services for nervous dental patients

It is natural for most people to feel some form of anxiety when visiting the dentist. For those who are particularly nervous, we offer sedation services.

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Our Approach

Conscious sedation services

Our clinical team go to great lengths to provide a pleasant, comfortable and relaxed experience for our patients. They provide reassurance to patients through carefully explaining and demonstrating procedures, working to a measured pace and communicating in a clear manner. We are always pleased to see patients overcome their fears as a result of this approach.

However, a minority of nervous patients experience more than anxiety with a significant fear of dental treatment. For these patients, we offer conscious sedation services to help them relax and reduce anxiety.

About sedation

The precise drugs used will vary based on your individual health and circumstances. Normally one drug is used to induce sedation and another is used to reverse it.

During the procedure you remain awake but you are unlikely to remember details of the procedure. You will be in a highly relaxed almost sleep-like state, and you will feel almost no pain or discomfort during treatment.

Our intravenous sedation services are delivered either by Consultant Anaesthetists or senior Dental Surgeons trained specifically in the technique. This high level of expertise ensures that it is as safe as possible.

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