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A more sustainable dental service

We are working hard to minimise our impact on the environment through a number of initiatives.

Improving our sustainability

Like much of healthcare, dentistry has a significant impact on the environment, driven by the requirement to deliver services in person, a high volume of single-use items and a complex supply chain.

West End Dental recognise this, and we are taking our first steps to improve our sustainability with a number of initiatives.

We have a long way to go, but we're pleased to start making a difference.
Offsetting our carbon footprint through global reforestation projects
Reducing harmful emissions and carbon impact through electric vehicle fleets
Managing carbon emissions through renewable electricity use


Through our partnership with Tree-Nation, we are donating a tree for every Routine Hygiene Consultation we deliver across all of our practices.

This helps offset our CO2 emissions, and supports reforestation projects around the globe.

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Electric vehicles

We have begun to rollout a fleet of zero emissions vehicles for our management team, supporting them with zero emissions travel for both domestic and business use.

Renewable electricity

We exclusively use Octopus Energy to supply 100% of the electricity we use at all of our dental practices, supporting our goal of minimising CO2 emissions.

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