Your options to continue treatment

Helpful information for patients considering payment options for treatment where they have been declined for finance.
At West End Dental, we introduce patients interested in using finance to pay for their treatment to Tabeo, a healthcare finance broker. Tabeo allows our patients to apply for finance to fund their treatment.

Occasionally patients will be declined for finance by Tabeo. This may happen for a wide range of reasons, all of which are outside of our control. Whilst we work with patients and Tabeo to discuss the options open to them, decisions are made solely by Tabeo and at their sole discretion.

Our goal is for the greatest number of people to access high quality dental care. For patients who are unable to obtain finance, a number of options are available and we discuss these below. These options are available independently or as a mixture; your Treatment Co-ordinator will work with you to identify the best possible plan for you.

Standard Payment Options

Patients can choose to pay for their treatment using our alternative payment options, including payment in advance or payment in stages. To understand these options please contact your Treatment Co-ordinator.

12 Month Instalment Plan

For longer or more complex treatment plans, we are happy to offer patients a 12 month instalment plan. This is offered by West End Dental directly and does not include any interest charges or other fees. Your treatment will be staged over the 12 month period, or longer if clinically required. It is important to note that if you default on your plan, your treatment may be stopped. If you are interested in this plan please contact your Treatment Co-ordinator.

Changes to Existing Treatment

Some treatments are delivered in a number of different ways. For example, we may have different pricing options depending on materials used. Your Treatment Co-ordinator will be able to discuss what choices are available to you.

Alternative Treatment Plans

Different treatments are available to solve common challenges. For example, missing teeth can be replaced by Dental Implants, Dentures or Bridges depending on the circumstances. Whilst we will always recommend the best course of treatment from a clinical perspective, the alternatives available will have also been highlighted to you during treatment planning. Each treatment option has benefits and drawbacks. Some represent a smaller investment than others, and your Treatment Co-ordinator can discuss alternatives with you including pricing.

Phased Treatment

It is sometimes possible to split courses of treatment into different phases. We will always recommend the most efficient and clinically appropriate timeframe for treatment, but other options may be available. This may allow you to undertake some treatment now, with further treatment to follow at a later stage. In some cases, patients may find this is more affordable. If phased treatment is appropriate, your Treatment Co-ordinator can discuss this with you. Please note, phased treatment may not be appropriate for you.