Instant Bank Pay

Guide for customers on paying via Instant Bank Pay.
Instant Bank Pay

Patients are able to make payments to us instantly using their online banking when agreed with us in advance.

This guide explains the process.

Last Updated | 13 December 2023

Guide for Customers


Instant Bank Pay allows customers to send us a payment directly from their bank account. It uses their online banking to make the payment using information (e.g. amount, bank account to send to etc.) supplied by us.

Benefits include:

- It is quick and easy, only taking a minute or so.
- You do not need your debit or credit card to make payment.
- You do not need to enter our bank details.
- Payment from your account is instant.
- You can see the payment in your bank statement immediately.
- Your information (e.g. bank account, debit card details etc.) is never exposed to us.
- The process lasts for one payment only. Any future payments need to be individually authorised by you.

The process is simple. Once a payment is agreed with a member of our team, we will send you a bespoke link inviting you to make a payment to us. This payment link is bespoke to you.

We will never send a payment link to you unsolicited; we will always discuss this process with you first.

When you click on the link, you will be presented with the payment information which you should check carefully. You will then be invited to login to your online banking and setup the payment. Once approved, the money leaves your account immediately and will clear in our accounts within 24 hours.

Our system is managed by GoCardless. GoCardless are a leading UK payments platform, based in the UK and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Their customers include HM Government, Tripadvisor, AON and The Guardian. They take security extremely seriously, and you can find out more here.

The process relies on the Open Banking protocol. Open Banking is an established protocol used by all of the UK's major banks. You can find out more about Open Banking here.

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