Escape missing teeth or dentures with same day teeth.

Our state-of-the-art dental implant treatments help customers smile with confidence, eat without fear and live free from dental pain.

And with West End Dental Same Day Teeth, you could enjoy fixed, replacement teeth that look and feel natural in a single day.
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Reclaim your smile with same day teeth

Missing teeth can affect your ability to smile and eat with confidence.

Many patients are embarrassed about gaps in their smile. Others may suffer from pain or discomfort, caused by the change to their bite that results from missing teeth. Patients may also be concerned about bone moving or degenerating, affecting remaining healthy teeth.

Dental implant treatments offer the closest possible alternative to your natural teeth. They support carefully crafted artificial teeth, allowing you to enjoy superb results that look and feel as close as possible to the real thing.

For a small number of patients, dental implants are not a suitable option. In these cases we can offer a range of alternative treatments including bridges and dentures.
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What are same day teeth?

West End Dental Same Day Teeth is a treatment used to replace missing teeth or replace loose and uncomfortable dentures.


The treatment works by replacing your natural teeth in one or both jaws with a replacement arch of artificial teeth. These teeth are designed to look and feel as close as possible to the natural teeth they replace.


However, unlike alternative treatments these replacement teeth are secured using dental implants. Dental implants are small titanium pieces that are placed into your jaw, and replace the roots of natural teeth. Normally, 4 to 6 implants are used to support one arch.


With traditional fixed arch treatment, there is a delay of several weeks or months once your dental implants have been placed. During this time, patients rely on temporary dentures as replacement teeth.


West End Dental Same Day Teeth are different. Instead of relying on a temporary denture once your dental implants are placed, a new fixed arch of replacement teeth are fitted as soon as your implants are placed.

Your implants and temporary, replacement teeth are fitted on the same day. You then return a few months later to fit your final replacement teeth.


Many patients struggle with temporary dentures, even for a small period of time.

West End Dental Same Day Teeth eliminates the need for a temporary denture, instead using fixed temporary teeth.
Traditional Fixed Arch Treatment
  • Temporary denture required after placement
  • 3 to 6 month delay for replacement teeth
West End Dental Same Day Teeth
  • Replacement teeth fitted immediately
  • No requirement for temporary denture
Fixed replacement teeth
Supports your jaw bone
Looks and feels natural
No temporary denture
Our Process

How does treatment work?

Our simple approach to complex treatment ensures that our patients understand every stage of treatment.

Discover how to reclaim your smile with same day teeth

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